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Horror Story – St. Joseph Hospital – Manapla

By • Nov 1st, 2010 • Category: Featured, Headline, Headlines, Lifestyle

You were so busy shopping right now in preparation for the coming season as well as to those who celebrate Halloween. Some even ordered abroad via online on to alleviate their weekly deal ongoing right now just to have a scary costume. But during this time there’s a lot of scary, horrifying and strange ghost stories that are coming out. Like those of white ladies, local monsters like “aswang”,”tiktik”, “bagat” among others.

I have personally experienced something like that before and perhaps the nursing students from my school who have undergone their out of town duty in St. Joseph Hospital in Manapla town in Negros Occidental may very likely relate with what I am about to share.

Prior to this, I have been hearing stories about a ghost doctor who was still doing some rounds not only during the night but even in the morning. There would be buzzing of emergency button but if you will check the room, no one was pushing it. Also the white lady, the presence of blood, the floating broom in the female dorm which according to some stories were dur to somebody who committed suicide in this place. While the males’ dorm was big and former TB ward and if you will pass by the morgue and the big tree on your way to the main hospital, a white lady and other strange creatures would apparently appear.

My horrifying experience started one afternoon at about five thirty after our duty when we were preparing for our dinner. Together with my batchmate, only two of us were left because the other males in the upper years nursing students were already in the canteen. My mate asked me to wait for him and not to leave him because he will go to the comfort room. When he got out from the comfort room, I turned off the radio so that after he’s done putting his shirt on we could just go. But while on the process of putting on his short and while it was still on the knee, the radio suddenly turns on, So I slowly walked near the door and sneaked outside. This is not just a story but we still have lots of experience during that weeks of duty.

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