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Controversial Topic of the Day – Hayden Kho sex Videos – Sen. Bong Revilla Nude Photos

By • May 21st, 2009 • Category: Entertainment, Featured, Headline, Headlines

In almost all of the local media be it in prints, radio, television and yes, the internet, people talk about the most controversial topic for the past days which is the Hayden Kho sex videos with some of the famous names in showbizness. They include actresses and commercial models among others. It has been a rumor since January 2009 until the said video exploded over the internet and it can be downloaded over the net. It’s now the widely searched and most downloaded video of the day.

According to some reports it was somebody close to Mr. Kho sold the said videos to some big persons behind the CD and DVD piracy. And now it was the best seller for the past days and brings big money to the pirate’s cash drawer .

Almost half of the Filipinos now who have an access to the internet especially porn sites have watched it. And yet our law makers are so busy pursuing charter change to which the main beneficiaries are themselves. We don’t have existing law about this kind of thing.

If the person behind this sex video like Mr. Kho can only be charge of violation of crime againts women and children only be in jail if found guilty for six years. No strong law and punishment for this kind of things in the country for now.

Now even the alleged nude photos of Senator Bong Revilla taken in one of his movies before was also posted in some blogs and websites. I am sure thousands or even million are now searching for this.

Topics like this really capture people who have internet access. It could even be publicized by reports on TV, radio and prints. Political people participated and put emphases on this case because as we all know election is about to come and this is a free exposure to them because people involved here have big names in the country. But how about those thousands of small victims of sex video which have been in existence for already a long period of time? Yet they are not doing something and who knows some of them are even the culprit themselves.

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