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Sin Tax Law

The Philippines’ Senate and Congress on the third and final reading the controversial “Sin Tax Law” is believed to be almost done. This law is believed to bring more positive things in the country as a whole. The government can generate more revenues for the government through tax. To minimize consumption of cigarettes among people who smoke because of the possible increase of prices, we anticipate a decrease of lung cancer cases and other related diseases caused by smoking. We can also attract more investments from imported cigars like perdomo …

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With the latest typhoon reported to hit the Visayas region, I have been worried because the upcoming vacation I plan to spend is going to be in this region. How can we have a total rest if power lines will be damaged and if there will be total black out in the province? How can we lie down and listen to some provincial FM and radio stations which we  have missed so much?
 I remember that it took more than a month before the electricity went back during the last typhoon …

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I am sure one of us has something in mind if asked on what we like as a gift. With those things in our minds especially today, when almost all things to buy, you will have found it  online. This is unlike before, when we were so bound by the limited information we have.
 Canon 24-105 lens for my DSLR first came to my mind especially  when I am doing some jobs as contributing photographer for a magazine. As what many said, it is pro photographer or at least a semi pro …

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There is something about the sound of a violin that makes me relax every time I hear someone playing it. I sometimes wonder how this instrument can produce relaxing music that it can take away a stressful feeling from someone’s day. The sight of a violinist with his head leaning on the violin chin rest will make you feel that he really feels the music he is playing. It can bring deep peace and relaxation. But I wonder if those who are playing are getting fewer in number by now? …

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The month of December is fast approaching and this will be a very busy month for us, since our son will get to perform again on stage, from a production of his school. It is an exciting time for us parents to see our kids performing on stage. We still don’t know what will be the theme of this year presentation although we know that our son is already practicing a song. I am sure this will be a great show again and hopefully it is better than ever. Like …

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This place gives me a ‘feel at home’ vibe primarily because ‘white’ color dominates the interiors (made elegant through yellow lighting), and the menu appeals to the Asian palate like mine. On the other hand, the store ambiance, wide array of toasts, teas and jams, plus its cool, contemporary jazz music tells you that even non-Asians will be happy to hang around this place.
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