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Sin Tax Law

The Philippines’ Senate and Congress on the third and final reading the controversial “Sin Tax Law” is believed to be almost done. This law is believed to bring more positive things in the country as a whole. The government can generate more revenues for the government through tax. To minimize consumption of cigarettes among people who smoke because of the possible increase of prices, we anticipate a decrease of lung cancer cases and other related diseases caused by smoking. We can also attract more investments from imported cigars like perdomo …

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This place gives me a ‘feel at home’ vibe primarily because ‘white’ color dominates the interiors (made elegant through yellow lighting), and the menu appeals to the Asian palate like mine. On the other hand, the store ambiance, wide array of toasts, teas and jams, plus its cool, contemporary jazz music tells you that even non-Asians will be happy to hang around this place.
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One Sunday, our family decided to go off our usual options when it comes to what we want to eat, and was game for a little adventure when it came to our taste buds.
It’s a good thing that Jupiter St. in Bel Air does not seem to run out of something really interesting, as far as eating out is concerned. On the 20th of this street, at the corner of Antares St., is a Pakistani & Continental Cuisine called Kabab & Curry, a casual restaurant that claims to serve what’s authentic, …

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Some people don’t spend much time thinking about their health until it’s too late. I used to ignore this topic, but I am now  conscious about my health since I am not getting younger, although maybe, I still need a little push to really start caring about it. I just don’t need magnetic therapy bracelet but a little work out or exercise every day. My goal for now is to improve joint flexibility, increase my core strength and burn calories. I have to practice healthy lifestyle first and watch out …

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Themed restaurants and bars are increasingly becoming a fad in Metro Manila. Meanwhile, there’s finally a place for basketball afficionados of this game. At the top floor of SM Aura is NBA Café. Memorabilias, photos and trophies of noted NBA players are on the display. Live basketball games are also playing non-stop that you wouldn’t notice how it’s taking a while for your orders to be served, because the place tends to be full a lot of times.
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Sagay City is conducting an annual event called “Adlaw Sang Suba” (River Day) in line with the advocacy to save this river. The event coincides with the Environment Month Celebration. The good thing is that nowadays, even if we are living far away from our home, a tool called Facebook keeps our loved ones close by, through posting photos, places and other reminders of good memories.
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