May 26, 6 days ago

2016 NBA Finals

2016 NBA Finals

While others were busy following some tweets from Cozy Winters, the NBA fans were shocked and believed that in NBA, amazing things really happened. Imagine the Oklahoma City Thunders are now leading the 3 games into 1 from the conference leader Golde…

May 22, 1 week ago

Concert Gone Wrong – Five People Already Died

Concert Gone Wrong – Five People Already Died

The National Capital Region Police Office on Sunday confirmed that five persons have died at a Summer Concert event last Saturday, including an American national. Initial reports revealed that that the victims have collapsed due to the alleged influe…

Mar 24, 2 months ago

Largest Concert Of All Time

It was the Rod Stewart concert at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on New Year’s eve of 1994 that reportedly drew 3.5 million of people. On the other hand, according to the The Guinness World Records, it tied with Jean Michel Jarre’s …

Mar 13, 3 months ago

Graduation Time

One of the most important and  unforgettable moments of my life was during my graduation in College.   To me, there was more importance about this phase than those memorabilia items could signify, such as the class yearbook, diploma and ring for ex…

Dec 6, 6 months ago

Expensive Guitar

Did you know that the most expensive guitar ever sold was a Fender Stratocaster? Why it was sold for 2.7 million dollar an auction in Qatar was because it was to raise funds for reach out to Asia during the great Tsunami that killed thousands of live…

Nov 2, 7 months ago

ASUS Philippines Announces the availability of Zen AiO Pro with pre-installed Microsoft Windows™ 10

Manila, Philippines (23rd October, 2015) — ASUS Philippines announces the 23.8-inch Zen AiO Pro Z240IC, the first models in the incredible new Zen AiO Pro Series, a premium range of all-in-one PCs that fuse art with industry-leading technology. Zen…

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